CV - Viviane Riberaigua - French visual Artist

Professional Visual Artsit
Born October 1, 1978 in Toulon - France
Geographical mobility; France and International

► Education

2004         Higher National Diploma of artistic expression, with honors;
                School of Fine Arts Toulon. France
2002         National Technical Diploma Art., Space Design;
                School of Fine Arts Toulon. France
2005         Higher technician certificate Audiovisual .
                Audiovisual school - Cadase * Toulon - France
09/11        Electroacoustic music
                National Conservatory of Music Region Marseille - France
1999         Education Multimédia Graphic Designer.
                School of computer application - Toulon - France
1998         Electroacoustic music
                National Conservatory of Music Region Marseille - France

► Professional Visual Artist      
Installation, design, sound art, visual art, video art...Scénographie
Siret number 4847511600028 - Main activity: 9001Z  - MDA

Solo Exhibitions

«On the other side of the mirror» France
Cultural Center Grand Hall-Condorcet-Viry-Châtillon (91) 2008
Installations, sculptures Art Video

Annex to the library
of Carré d’ART de Nîmes - France
2008 Negpos Gallery - Installation «The beautiful Sleeping Beauty o ‘. 2008

International Biennial of the image of Nancy - France.
Installations «The Church» Photographs and video - 2007

Urban Installation - Nature

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice - France
Nocturne musicomusée.

The Arts in the Green - Stosswihr - Alsace (68) - France
Installation «Alice o fil» 2007

Exhibition of Installation La Londe - France
Land art sound system

► Group Exhibitions 2012

-Friday, February 3, 2012
Reevox Arts and Electronic Music - Marseilles - France
Concert for Speakers; improvisation group of CNR
February 2012
Castillon Gallery - Urban Exploration - Toulon - France

► Group Exhibitions 2011

Plant Taverny Acquisition of works of art in an action of mecenat
Light installation, «Installing the Bottle»

Paris artist residency
Light installation, «Installing the Bottle»

GMEM, National Centre of Musical Creation - Marseille
Concert of electroacoustic improvisation, 7 musicians and performers; Piano arranged synthesizer, 5 PC, acousmonium

Exhibition  Castillon Gallery - France
Photographies "An other world" - Toulon

► Exhibitions 2010

Regard Indépendant -
12th Rencontres Film and Video in Nice - France
Cinéma Mercurry

LES INSTANTS VIDEO - Port de Bouc - France
Video Art, «Who am ye»
Cinéma Le Mélies

LES INSTANTS VIDEO - Marseille - France
Video installation «Griselda»
Arthotèque School of Antonin Artaud, Marseilles - France

Art show of Installation La Londe - France
Land art sound installation ‘The organ sound
«Interactive installation ‘In the Looking Glass «
Installation o couteaux"

The house of the image - Seyne sur Mer - France
Video Art «The Train»

Exhibition «artists start to table» Castillon Gallery - France
Painting / photomontage- Toulon

Exhibition «greed» Castillon Gallery - France
Sculptures/Installation - Toulon

Video Art
E.A.J. La Seyne sur Mer

► Exhibitions 2009

Nuit Blanche in Biarritz
Video installation «the machine» Video Art «Who am ye»

Art à la Pointe, Art dans les Chapelles Bretagne
Interactive video installation

Show Aiguillette - With the Aiguillette
Pictures «Alice’s Journey»

Exhibition «Young shoots» Gallery Space Castillon
Pictures «Alice’s Journey» - Toulon

Double Exposure Gallery Space Dialogos
Paris / CachanVideo installation, «Who am ye»

► Exhibitions 2008

- Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Liège - Belgium
Artist Film Festival
Video installation «the machine» Video Art «Who am ye»

- Gallery Castillon - Toulon - France
Le petit chaperon rouge

- Art Center«le CRANE» - France
Castle in Chevigny Auxois - Burgundy July 2008
Installation «Tom Thumb»

- Média Forum. Béziers - France
Vidéo Installation «Grisélidis»

- Gallery Espace Dialogos - Cachan (94) - France
«One never recovers from his childhood»
Installation «Tom Thumb»

- International Biennial of the image of Nancy - France
Pictures «Alice’s Journey»

- Artist honors Art show ARTéNîM - Grenoble. France
Installations «The Sleeping Beauty,» «Alice over»
Video Art: «An Other World»

► Exhibitions 2007

- Nuit Blanche - Paris - 4em arrondissement - France
Installing «The Sleeping Beauty» and Video Art «The Church»

- Art Gallery Solution Marseille - France
Installation «Alice o fil»

- Art Show - ARTéNîM - Nîmes  - France
Art Vidéo: «L’Eglise», «Les fous», «la machine», «Mécanimachine»,

- Biennale du Revest «Maison des Comonies» (83)  - France
Installation «Alice o fil»-

- Galerie Espace Dialogos - Cachan (94)  - France
Installation «La belle o bois dormant»

- Le Labyrinthe - Ollioules (83)  - France
Installation «Alice o fil», Art vidéo «L’Eglise»

- 52 th - Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge. (92)  - France
Installation «La belle o bois dormant»

- Mon oeil -Viry-Châtillon (91)  - France
Installing «The Sleeping Beauty» and Video Art «The Church» «Alice»

- Vidéoforme -Clermont-Ferrand  - France
Vidéothèque éphémère. Art Vidéo «L’Eglise»

- Magmart in Naples - Italy
Video Art «The Church»

- Bol d’Art du Lavandou. (83)  - France
Video Art «The Church», «Train,» «Coffee», «Mécanimachine», «Machine»

- ARTéNîM - Grenoble. (38)  - France
Video Art: «The Church», «Madmen,» «the machine», «Mécanimachine»

- Artist Residence - Path of Art Saint Flour. (15)  - France
Installation pour 150 recluses

► Exhibitions 2006
- Auctions. Montrouge - france
Paintings «Double»

- Média Forum. Béziers  - france
Video art «The Church» Photographic «The Machine»

- European Biennial of Contemporary Art  - france
Nimes. The MANIF.
Installation «La Machine»

- Gallery of the salamander. Nîmes  - france
Installation vidéo «La Machine»

- 23th Visit Youth artists - La Garde (83) - france
La Garde. Jury Award for the video «The Church»

- 51st Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge - france
Video Art «the Church»  
► Exhibitions 2005

- Art in the feminine. Exhibition of women. Ollioules - France
Video Art «The Church», «Train», «coffee», «Double».
Photos «The journey of Alice»

- Vidéoforme - Clermont-Ferrand - France
Video Library Video éphémère.Art «Train,» «Double»

► Exhibitions 2004
- 13th International Festival Train and Cinema. UGC Lille - France
Video Art «train»

- International Festival of Bourges. Bandit Mages - France
Video Art «Mécanimachine».

► Expositions 2003
- Zénith Oméga, Art et vidéos. Toulon - France
Art Vidéo «Mécanimachine»

- Festival of the lighthouse. Open-air cinema - Toulon (83)
Video Art «The Clock», «Mecanimachine»

- Festival of Talents. La Garde. (83) - France
Video art «Mécanimachine,» «The Clock» sculpture project
monumental mobile perpetual motion model.

► Expositions 2002  

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice - France
Clock installation video was projected on the walls of MAMAC.

- Festival du Phare - Toulon (83) - France
Travaux photographiques «Le temps»

- Festival Sun Slice - La Tour blanche. Toulon - France
Travaux photographiques «Le temps»

- 19th Visit Youth artists - La Garde (83) Installation Video
«The Clock» and perpetual motion sculpture project.

► Grants, awards


Grants Teen challenge
Animated Short Film

Support for the creation
Personal exhibition «From the Looking Glass»
Cultural Center Grand Hall-Condorcet-Viry-Châtillon (91)


Support for the creation for the realization of three installations
for the exhibition «My Eye»
Cultural Center Grand Hall-Condorcet-Viry-Châtillon (91)


General Directorate Awards for Video of the Var «The
Church «Go Plastic Youth 2006»


Grants «Springboard Youth» for multidisciplinary art
project «multi-art»

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Viviane Riberaigua - Artiste plasticienne -Photographe - Vidéaste, Installation Numérique- Artiste Plasticien - Art contemporain

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Installation, vidéo art, photographie, mixed media
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